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2004 Rav4 Under Floor Catalytic Converter Replacement

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looking for a cheaper replacement for my ageing 2004 (facelift) RAV4 VVTi XT4 under floor catalytic converter

of course Toyota can supply one ....£727 + the VAT !!! ( no thanks )

I have tried all the high street fast fit joints and lots car part outlets

but no one appears to make the correct part

so to be clear my RAV does have cats in the manifold then there's short link pipe

bolted to that and that bolts to the centre section ...this is the part I need

(the Toyota part number is 17420/28360)

after the joint there's a sensor then a small cat with a heat shield a couple of brackets

a flexi piece then it bolts to the back box

I find it strange that I can't get a pattern/aftermarket part every supplier lists the part

but without A cat or sensor hole

maybe someone has had this issue before

new here so thanks for your time


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

This topic comes up regularly and if you use the search function on the forum you will find several threads about it.

I had the same problem and couldn't stomach the Toyota prices, so I followed the advice of a fellow member on here (Big Kev) and used the services of a local exhaust specialist who built a custom exhaust in stainless steel.

He built it with a boss to take the O2 sensor, a catalytic converter and twin tailpipe rear silencer for £625 including VAT.

If you go down this route, try and do a bit of research first as with most things fabricated the quality of the workmanship can vary dramatically.

Some folks on here prefer to go down the dealer route and no doubt the Toyota parts will be top quality and will fit without any issues.

It can be a bit of a minefield, so mull it over and do plenty of spadework before you part with your hard earned readies.


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To search , click the cog thingy to the right of the magnifying glass and pick the RAV4 forum or you'll end up with zillions of irrelevant results

I find a Google search more effective - just type what you're looking for and add 'Toyota owners club' :thumbsup:

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