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2006 Avensis Sat Nav - Help Please

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I've just got my Avensis D-4D D-Cat 2.2 with a W58832 radio/multi CD player (see photo).

I've pretty well sorted it out now, and thanks for information from other owners who have answered various questions on this site.

The Sat Nav uses the radio screen as the display - its not the one with a big pop up screen in the top of the dasboard , and it had various manuals etc. with it but none for the Sat Nav.

I can turn it on & I've kept on pressing and trying knobs & buttons, it does work insofar as I can get information about the road I'm on and it shows up to date roadworks, traffic jams etc., but there are zillions of combinations of controls that are possible to use, so I could really do with a copy of the most relevant pages of the manual- particularly as regards getting the "Map" on the small screen, getting to put a destination in, and turning the voice on.

Could/would anyone help please? - you could scan the relevant pages in to your PC if you have a suitable printer/scanner, and email the pages to me as attachements.

Please let me know if you can help, and I'll send my email address, if that's OK with the site moderators - or even have them on here in the "How to" section, it may be useful to others.




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