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Corolla T Sport Clutch And Elec Problems Advice Pls?

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My first post so pls go easy on me, I'm not mechanically minded ha :-)

Just bought 2003 t sport 77k miles for a very good price, lovely drive very happy however has a few issues....

1. Not driven toyota before however clutch seems to engage at top of pedal in 1st and 2nd quickly, means I am struggling to pull away without making loud revs, feel like i have to lift the clutch right up then gently apply gas to avoid reving, sometimes (maybe 1 in 4 times) I hear a slight rattling for 1-2 secs when pulling away in first (stops when clutch pedal fully released) wondering if it is my rubbish gear changes (last car was an auto) or clutch issue?

2. Eng management light on, vsc light and trc off, any ideas?

The car was just mot'd and it failed on corroded Battery restraints (replaced) and fuel cap not sealing (new cap fitted) and headlight alignment wrong, guy I bought it off appeared genuinely surprised that the eng management lights etc were on, he wondered if the guys doing the mot days before tripped something

Sorry for repeating sure there are a million posts like this but your comments are appreciated, thanks

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Hello Grant - welcome to TOC.

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Hi Plymouth Guy,

If you clutch is only engaging once you have it nearly all the way to the top it sounds like it is worn. Is it slipping atall when you give it some gas?

I have an issue with my VSC and TRK OFF lights being on, if they are accompanied by the engine management light then I believe this could be an issue unrelated to the VSC and TRAK as Ive heard that these automatically come on when the engine management light comes on...

Best thing to do is the get an OBD II reader and hook it up, see what code it brings up, this should help to identify the problem. They are available on eBay cheap.

Sorry this is my first post and hope th info given is correct, I'm sure if not someone could correct me.

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