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Radio Controlled Yaris


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Cheers for the pointers.

I'll be looking to use the Tamiya FWD Rally Chasis and a custom-moulded Shell.

They'll come with a PSR Sport Decal kit. ;-)

We'll be selling them on the team website. ETA September 2004.

The tricky part is getting the Shell moulded so that I can make repeat orders.

As for the exhaust....looks like it'll be costing me around 1k for the system but that includes the precision design from scratch so I hope that subsequent orders would be cheaper. Will keep you posted.



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HPI used to do a mini-RS4 chassis with the Vitz Shell, but as far as im concerned you cant get it any more :(

There is a kyosho mini z racer aswell as a yaris

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You can get one, made by kyosho as part of their mini z series. theres a pic on this page http://www.hermesmodellismo.com/listinonli...t/dept_262.html

Its quite hard to get hold off in the uk tho.

whoops didnt see robs post above :huh:

the kyosho part no is KY-30132MB for a blue vitz car

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