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Carina 2 Gl Fuel Tank

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Hello guys! I am new to this forum so please excuse me if the topic I am making exists already. I have a Toyota Carina 2 GL (carburettor) 1984 Liftback. There's a problem with the fuel gauge. It's always on empty but when I get to the petrol reserve the red light pops and I know that I have to refill. Now a technician messed with it a bit and made it move juuust a little bit when I am refilling but still not working. He later managed to get it to the middle of the scale (I told him how much fuel I put in and approx the size of the tank) without even fiddling with the fuel tank and what's in there. My father took the car and now after a long run the gauge is still on empty but this time the red light won't blink. Does anybody know where I can find the fuel tank and what can I do to fix this issue myself? Also does anybody have any idea about the capacity of the tank. All I can find is that it's somwhere about 44 Litres. Thank you in advance!

Problem solved. What was inside the tank was working. The dashboard is the problem.

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