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Sound System Upgrade In Auris 2008

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hi Guys,

I'm am looking to upgrade the sounds in my car which are factory fitted, firstly i find that its not loud enough and secondly i want to be able to have the flexibility of an AUX and USB input. I had a look at ta couple of Double Din stereos but was not happy that their face is not removable for security purposes. I am not looking to spend an awful lot. I'm not sure if the standard Speakers are any good and it may just be worth changing the stereo or all of it.

I also find that the volume knob stops working sometimes and i have to rely on steering volume control, which is quite annoying as its not always practical.

What to people suggest?? I don't want to start cutting into parts of the car, because i don't want it to effect the overall value of the car, should i decide to sell in in a couple of years.

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With regards to a aux/usb connection, I would try one of these . I myself have the version without usb connection as I preferred to use the cigarette lighter as a charger... I mounted the aux connection alongside the handbrake where there is a small removable panel (also containing the cigarette lighter) which can be easily/cheaply replaced if necessary, thus not affecting the value of the car.

Basically the adapter plugs into the CD Changer socket in the back of your stereo and tricks it into thinking there is a CD Changer plugged in but in fact the sound is coming from your mp3 player or iPod.

With regards to the Speakers I think they're pretty good as standard as is the power of the stereo. You could always go for an amp and speaker upgrade but you're probably looking at a decent wad of cash. You should be able to get the volume button fixed at a car audio specialist.

Hope this helps, if you have any further questions let me know.



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Re the volume knob, I have seen a few Auris where the plastic knob has worn, basically the knob has a female toothed hole which pushes over the male toothed post.

Gently pull the knob off and look to see if the teeth in the knob have worn away or if the female hole has split, if so you can buy just a new volume knob which is available separately.

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Sorry for the late reply, I am normally in the Avensis side.

You need look at Xcarlink and Connnects2 products which plug into the back of your audio unit and give you - usb, card reader, and aux in.

2 places I can recommend in the greater London area are, Dynamic Sounds and Car Audio Security (Both have websites). There are other in-car Audio Specialists that you can go to.

I hope this points you in the right direction and the staff at both the places may be able to give you more advice.

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I bought one of these Chinese Units for my 09 Auris, very easy to fit, 5 minutes out 5 minutes in, connected all the wires ( inc backlight ) remote control for stereo refused to work, CAbus

worked OK ish for a few weeks before the sat nav would redirect me thru a river ( I belive this was a hacked version of I-Go ), but still nothing too serious.

After 8 or so weeks screen went, vertical and Horizontal line that would dance around the beat of the music, very pretty, except when your hopeless lost on route to somewhere near the back @ss of beyond.

My main problem was with the Chinese Seller, very reculant to accept the return, so I got Paypal Involved, cost £48 to ship it back to China for a replacement, seller decided to refund.

Lessons to be learned,

  • 1) you get what you pay for
  • 2) Chinese Products ( MIne was Ropse), I'd give 5 out 10
  • 3) Chinese Ali express Trade Tang and DHGATE, avoid you have little recurse if it goes T1T5 up
  • 4) If you choose to buy from HK, please be aware if a faulty occurs will cost you an arm and a leg to replace / return.
  • 5) Ebay or Amazon for your purchases, at least you are covered if your chinese headunit goes Pete Tong
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I have a sony xav-601bt and it has all the above plus more. it is an amazing piece of kit. you definitely get what you pay for with this one. I have mine hooked up to my amp for my Speakers and my sub. The sound quality is stunning. I have a vibe slick 800v2 4 channel amp wired to some vibe slick 6" Speakers (component in front coaxial in back) and an edge subwoofer (is getting upgraded soon) and the sound quality is amazing, all i need to do it buy the proper speaker adapters and I'll be sorted :D

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I rather pay more for proven quality that has been test and the seller is UK based, or at least European. Also there is a risk of incurring import tax!

That is why I tend to recommend certain items. If there is an issue, you can easily contact and deal with the seller. I had this happen recently with a USB converter, because the proper model is no longer available, so they sent a substitute. It did not work so I took it back and got a refund immediately.

Mark has proven the issue with buying from china. Yes others have had no problems, but I have heard a few problems with items, plus the long delivery time.

The prices of audio units have fallen recently and they now come with USB and bluetooth. Some even can be used with the steering controls, with the right adaptors.

Double din units should bolted in (like my Sony that came with my Avensis). It would take thieves too long to steal the unit. Some people hide the removable face within the car, and the thieves may find it and steal the whole unit.

With the options you will find the right solution.

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Perhaps I've been fortunate and I do buy quite a lot of stuff from HK sellers, I've never been stung with Import tax, as seller Chinese seller generally speaking value under $30, again I've been lucky.

Looking into futher research I can find these "Aftermarket" headunit for sale in the UK, but based on the performance and the general quality, I would still keep these China Clone at arms lenght even if your seller is UK based.

I have replaced my Rupse unit with a Sony XAV-68BT

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