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Propshaft Universal Joint

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My 02 D4D Rav 4 has developed an intermittent
(chunka-chunka-chunka?!?) noise and vibration from the rear when you are
going around 50mph.

A friend suggested it could be the universal joint on the propshaft so I had a look and it is very stiff and notchy.

He said they were about a fiver for his Defender but I cant find them anywhere for a Rav 4

Anybody know where I can get one?


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It doesn't look as if Toyota supply the UJ's for the (two) prop shafts as separate spares - only the complete shafts (and many other associated bits), which are expensive.

The shaft UJ's don't get reported often as failing, but if you do have a pooped one, you may have to look around for a specialist workshop who can "recondition" your shaft with a new (pattern) part.

Do also check out the rubber mounting at the rear face of the rear diff ("Support - rear diff"). The rubber in this item can come adrift from the steel frame it should be attached to, and cause excessive rear diff movement. Might/might not explain your noise.


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The part number for a mark 2 prop shaft is 37100 42060 but Mr T doesn't sell the UJs separately . Cost of part is over £700!

I have got http://www.dandfltd.co.uk/ to put a new UJ on for £80 . They aren't a garage so you need to get the propshaft off , to their premises then back to a garage to replace but still a large saving.

The UJs hardly get a mention here or on RAV4 world so maybe I've been unlucky but it did need doing at 120k miles.

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