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Car Not Running After Work

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New here so not sure if peole here are familiar with the Avensis intake manifold rattle problem, but I'm sure some of you are. Mine had it and I decided to try to impliment the fix here ( - that link is down while I write but hopefully it's only temporary) . When I took off the mainifold I ended up not implementing the fix becase I found another possible culprit and I wnated to see if that was the cause .... so I never actually ended up doing the fix in that article at all .... I wanted to put the car back together and check ... which is what I did, however when I went to start the car I had done something wrong because it started but instantly stalled ( it had never had that problem before). I could keep it running by keeping my foot down but even when it did run it was extremely rough. If I took my foot off the pedal it stopped almost instantly.

What I did

  • Disconnected Battery
  • disconnected airhose from throtle body
  • opened airbox and pulled back air hose etc to get access to throtle body
  • removed 4 bolts and 2 nuts to release intake manifold
  • Removed throtle body ( 3 bolt )
  • removed 3 small hoses from manifold
  • Put everything back in reverse order

There are a few things that I'm concerned about that maybe someone might set me straight on

I'm almost certain I put everything back right so I'm very confused about what this could be.

  • Even though I had the Battery disconnected I'm nearly sure I noticed a spark when I was taking off one of the two nuts which hold the electrical bit to the top of the manifold. Could this have damaged something?
  • It started to rain in the middle of the fix and I was woring outside. The rain was blowing so that it never really got under the bonnet. Really it was all 99% dry except i think the air filter got very very slightly damp on top. Is this a possible culprit?
  • I am almost certain that there was some kind of instet in one of the three small hoses going to the manifold. I stupidly missed this and only rememberd when I was putting it back together and despite searching everywhere I couldnt find it. I concluded that I must have imagined seeing it, but now I'm beginning to wonder. It might have been like a very thick drinking straw
  • When I got the manifold off I noticed that the car must have been used in a sawmill or something as there was lots of what looked like sawdust ( or it might have been seed husks or something I wasn't studying it ) behind the manifold ( I mean on, not in the engine ) .... i did my best to keep things clean but I suppose it's possible a few grains of foreign material might have made it into the inlet. I don't think anything did but I'm seaching for answers here. How sensitive are these engines.

The Car is a 2002 Avensis 1.6 VVTi petrol

Thanks for any help or experiences

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Do you mean I could have broken it becuase it was working perfectly before the work I did

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Here is ther problem with Throttle body position sensor. It needs to be recalibrated if taken off from the TBody. If this happens I have read and heard that its a weird one to fix. Now having said that, the trick is to put the key in the ignition, do not start the car, turn the key to the max or the furthest point before ignition and count to ten(just a method to give it enough time really). Repeat this 3 times. It should idle nicely afterwards.

The possible issue requiring you to hold the pedal down suggests that it might be idle control valve. This is normally mounted to TB as well. This is what allows it to idle or allow a minimum amount of air to keep the engine ticking. If you have to keep your foot down, it suggests that your butterfly valve is not being left open. I think its either idle control or throttle body position sensor.



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Found it. Was on the phone to the local dealer's mechanic who was very helpful and he said that I must have somehow gotten an air leak when putting it back together. So I decided to be very diligent and clean all the seals very carefully. When in the middle of this job and paying attention to the seal between the engine and manifold, I noticed that I had very stupidly left the carriers for the wiring loom for the injectors on the INSIDE of the seal ( obviously breaking the seal and allowing air in ) .... as soon as I saw it I knew it was the problem. The carriers had made marks on the manifold where i had them in the wrong place when I tightened the bolts but when I inspeted it carefully it looked like they hadn't damaged anything critical ... so i put it back together again, this time with those 2 carriers on the OUTSIDE of the manifold like they're supposed to be and of course it started and ran no problem.

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