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Just Bought Used Rav4 - Some Questions

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Hi everyone

I have just bought my first RAV4 and loving every bit of it - should have bought one a lot earlier :o)

My little beasty is the RAV4 D-4D NRG 3dr 2001 model and I have read a lot on the forums so far but have some questions I am hoping someone can help with!

1) I bought the car with two keys, I have identified one as the valet key with immobiliser chip in the head (no remote) and the other as the master key (key stem only) as it unlocks the glove box. My car has the security panel with the red light flashing but I don't know what version of key I have.

I know I can buy a blank key and have it cut using the master key or just insert the key stem into the holder but I also know I need the immobiliser chip and remote chip so the remote works and the key starts the car.

So questions are:

a) Without the metal key tag is there any way to identify my key, the master just has a fob with '273' on it?

b) Can I just buy a blank key on ebay and program it to my car using the insert key, open door etc method or does it need to match the vehicle (frequency, FCC, keytag or something else)?

c) Failing all of this can I buy a blank key with remote chip, cut it to the master and cut take the immobiliser chip out of the valet key to make a 'master' that will have a remote as part of it and also start the car?

2) I am aware I have a diesel with a DMF in it and it is a part that is known to fail, car has some service history and was on a cherished plate but I don't know if the DMF was ever inspected or replaced - I drove the car all about, through all the gears and there is no jingling or any sort of grinding or noises but I know from reading the forums it can cost £1800-£2500 if the part fails, it's one of the reasons I got the car at a bargain price :o)

So question is:

a) Is there any way to inspect the DMF or find any of the service history to see if it was changed without stripping out the entire transmission etc?

b) Is it worthwhile taking out a warranty as an insurance for the DMF, quote comes in at around £350 per year?

c) I know some members changed the DMF to normal flywheels but cant find any experiences for high mileage - is it another option or should I just stick to the warranty and if the DMF fails get it replaced?

Thank you so much guys,


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