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Coilovers For A Pre Facelift T Sport

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I have just purchased a pre facelift T Sport Corolla, I love it don't get me wrong but the suspension is so tall it's ridiculous :P what are the best coilovers to put the car on to give it the best ride and comfort, I only want to lower it 20 - 30 mm so it still goes over bumps and looks sensible? Also are coilovers the only good option or is there a cheaper option that will give good handling still?

Also the alloys have too much rubber on them :P what size alloys look best, I was thinking of going with 17" alloys with low profile tyres to maintain the same overall wheel diameter, is this sensible or could I go 18"? Any recommendations for alloy style? I have the Thunder Silver coloured car so I was thinking of either keeping the same colour alloy but different style or going for a darker colour?

Many thanks for your advice


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Eibach / TTE lowering springs.

It will stay kind of comfy.

Coilovers will make the car bounce alot, and it more used for badass lowering :P

I've got KW variant 2 coilovers, and I'm nothing but positive about them.


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