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Auris Active 1.4 Diesel Pre-Reg £14K

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hello could anyone advise is a pre-reg auris active 1.4 diesel pre-reg £14k good value (miles 15)?

I like the car, but it is missing fog lamps, alloys and the reversing camera (plus bluebooth).

Does anyone know if the fog lamps could be fitted?

thank you

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Fog lamps, alloys, bluetooth and rear view camera are not part of the Active spec according to the brochure I have. On the first generation Auris fog lamps were available as an option for the Edition grade (from memory the cost was around £200 - possibly plus fitting) - so I presume the same would be the case with the current Auris.

List price of the 1.4 diesel Active is £16,045.

The cost to change would be the deciding factor as to whether it is a good deal for you.

One point re pre-registered cars - some insurance companies have changed their clause about replacing a car, if damaged by a certain percentage within 12 months, with an equivalent new model. The change to this clause is that the owner must be the first registered keeper. This change would exclude pre-registered cars from being replaced under this clause.

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Not sure if this reply is too late, but a £2k discount doesn't seem excessively generous for a pre-reg.

Toyota are currently contributing £1k deposit, with 0% finance on the Icon model and above. Even before considering further discounts, if you are buying on finance this may well work out cheaper as I imagine the finance rate on a pre-reg will be higher.

If you are set on an Active, the Active 1.4 D4-D is shown with a £1000 deposit contribution at 4.9% APR on the Toyota website PLUS a further £700 discount on the list price to £15345. Put the Toyota contribution in and that is £14345 for a new car ordered to your spec, albeit with interest bearing finance.

If you have the money in the bank to buy the car, then it will continue to earn interest if you bought an Icon, or could presumably be used to pay off the Active as soon as Toyota allow, avoiding most of the interest charges.

On the discount front, I recently negotiated a significant extra discount on an Excel model, so I imagine you can get a lot more money off the above models than the bare no-negotiation figures I have quoted from the website.

All of which doesn't constitute financial advice :laughing: but I just thought I would point out the deals in case you were not aware of them,

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