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Which Corolla Verso

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Hi all

I currently own a 2ltr avensis t spirit saloon on an 08 plate. Trouble is we are getting a dog soon and I want to stick with Toyota so someone suggested a verso.

I prefer petrol over diesel and can live without the leather electric seats and sat nav. Can't live without climate or cruise.

The other thing is I haven't got a lot of cash so I'm looking to swap or part ex and a small outlay.....so the question is what verso could I expect to get given my financial restrictions and are corolla verso cam or chain driven? Also any recommendations?

Many thanks in advance


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Why not look for a Toyota Avensis Verso rather than the smaller Corolla Verso. I have one with the 2l petrol VVTi engine and does everything it has been asked of and more......

Just a thought.


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Thanks Ken

I get your point with the avensis verso.....one of my preferences at the moment is cruise control and climate. Do you know if any models have both, the T spirits I've seen don't seem to have cruise control which I thought was standard with the T Spirit.

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You are correct.....climate is usually included but cruise is an added option....maybe look at the "imports" of the Avensis Verso...they usually

have all the bells and whistles.


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