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steady eddy

Mk2 Auris Oem Hifi Upgrade Build

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Well I'm about to upgrade the stock system in my car but will be keeping the stock H/unit as I have got the touch screen nav unit that also has the bluetooth phone ant the reverse camera. I wil be installing the following kit

MB Quart RM440.4 Class D amp

MB Quart RLP204 shallow mount 8" sub

Audio Control LC2i high level converter

A/D/S 236is component set

The front Speakers will be in the stock locations and the doors will recieve some sound deadening to keep the resonance at bay . The LC2i will be located below the H/unit in the centre console. With the amp which is very small in size being a class D unit will be under the front passangers seat and finally the sub will be put into a homemade stealth box behind the drivers side rearwheel turret. I will be taking pictures as I go which may help others that are looking at doing the same sort of upgrade. I have made a start on this today so will upload some pictures later.


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well as the weather was quite good today so I got my tools out and started to take this lovely car apart and i have pulled quite a few cars apart in my time but must say this Toyota comes apart quite easily without damage to the trim so that is a plus for a start . I started with getting the power cable from the Battery through the bulkhead and to the front passengers seat.The cable passed through the factory grommet just to the right of the abs valve without any issues then if you take a look at the pictures you will see where I routed the cable which has been covered in black copex to match the factory wiring. Now on to mounting the inline fuse holder this has been mounted on the Battery clamp bolt in order no to drill the car in any way. As youcan see from the pictures I have had to fit a 6mm spacer in order for the fuse holder not to foul the bracket.








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