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Creaking Noise From Front Right 1994 Corolla

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Hello all,

The last week I've noticed a sort of creaking noise from one side at the front when I'm driving.

I can hear it from the inside and it sounds as though it's by my feet but I know how sounds can travel.

Also when I get in and out of the car, and when I press down the front drivers side bonnet I can hear it, it's just a sort of creak.

There is no vibration or rattling or any other other symptoms.

I removed the front wheel and had a look and everything seems intact and firm, nothing amiss and no play in the wheel, and I sprayed all the ball joints and suspension parts with WD 40 but still the noise.

The only thing I did see which might be a clue is the bottom of the spring where it sits on a plate, there is some rubber and around that some of the rubber seems to be coming away.

I did spray all around that area too but still noise.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks,


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Reading your thread, the bottom of the spring rubber was my first thought, or the top mount.

Its equally likely to be some of the big bushes on the wishbone or even engine mounts or anti roll bar.

Problem is, doubt even wd40 wil get right inside those bushes if they or the bolts are corroding.

Suppose you could remove the bolts and clean them up and grease the bearings one at a time as see if it cures the noise.

Other things, could be the bonnet hinges / rubbers or even the door hinges..

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In my opinion it will be the anti roll bar bushes causing the problem as suggested above, mine creaked going over small imperfections in the road and when pulling off/getting in or out of the car, turned out both of mine needed replacing and it cost

Me around 80 quid fitted for both

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One rear anti-roll bar nush was worn in January and I had a distinctive rattle from the rear.

I took it to a garage and without looking at it he said it was likely to be a lower ball joint that was likely to be dry.

He suggested I hose the area which I tried which made no difference, and also making a pin hole and pushing in the pipe of the wd 40 and squirting some in which I don't want to do as it wouldn't be sealed any more.

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