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Bg44K, The Best Fuel Additive By Far!

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Well, what can i say... After picking up 4 new tyres and getting them fitted at kwik fit and having my tracking corrected ever so slightly, i caught sight of a rather posh looking can of fuel additive.

After asking the price and being told £20!! I thought surely this has to be worth something to be so costly for one shot! So i went ahead and bought it.

Besides my corolla has over 204,000 miles and is lacking in mpg big time!

leaving with an over 300 quid bill, i drove next door to bp to fill up with diesel as i had regrettably got as low as the reserve.

As i realised this metal can wasnt going to pour into the tank without half of it being deposited down the car and on the floor i went inside and tried to explain

To the poor english speaker behind the desk what a funnel was, saying i had a fuel additive to add and presenting the can, he walked away and bought back two bottles of redex??? Petrol injection and diesel asking which i wanted.. i quickly ended that conversation showing him a fuel can with the spout as an example, to which he replied 'ahh a Punnel'... difficulties aside, I grabbed a large knecked bottle of water and rapidly drank it then poured the cans contents into it, then into my tank.

Next i filled with 49 litres of regular bp diesel and payed, then drove away.. having got an average of 32mpg all urban, 36 combined and 39 all motorway (own calculations) however computer corresponded to the last figure perfectly.

I drove 20 miles that night then to skegness from nottingham the next day (88 miles, 1 hr 45 approx) on all A roads and again for the first 40 miles to skegness (first 60 miles from tank) the computer averaged 39mpg from a full load, (roof box, boot, dog, 2 adults and 2 kids) then at 44 miles and over the next 30 it slowly but surely crept its way all the way up to 50.1!! Bearing in mind this is a full load and some strong acceleration was often going on!

I realised the tyres may contribute to some of this but more like 2 mpg than the whole 12!

This product, along with 4 new tyres (C rated for efficiency) has boosted my mpg by a 12 figures!

I am yet to check the actual mpg achieved, this will be done the friday i return home or the weekend but i'll report back!

Any remaining mpg i hope to rope back with an intake manifold clean after 204,000 miles!

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