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Smoke At Start Up

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I have a 1998 rav4 GX petrol. Owned since new. 120,000 on the clock....

When its been stood for a day or so ( flat cold etc) it smokes initially on start up. Not an oily smell...but smells like its running really rich...like and old manual choke on full etc......not burning any Oil. It doesn't do this when I have it in gear and slip the clutch on start up to reduce the revs......

This only happens when the engine is flat cold.

Also it sometimes races when hot.......so I remove the electrical connector( I think ) to the throttle position sensor then reconnect it returns to normal idle.

Get 350 miles to a tankful....still has original exhaust and cat'

Any ideas

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Valve stem seals can wear or harden... When the car sits overnight a wee bit if Oil seeps down into the combustion area which gets burned on start up.. Quite common and will do no harm ..

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