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Help (Or Proof Of How A Moments Utter Stupidity Can Ruin Your Week)

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Hello, this is not easy to admit and others laughing at this level of stupidity on my part is only fair, I do deserve it.

So, Im moving house and put the seats flat to take a load of stuff to the tip. I took the head rests off to assist in this and off I happily went.

Can anyone guess what I did with the headrest for the rear OS passenger once at the tip? Can you? Imagine what the most stupid thing one could possibly do at a tip. Yep, thats what I did,

I have no idea if anyone can help but is anyone aware of a source where you can get a spare headrest for less that £300. I may have to just bite the bullet but it feels like a load of money for a momnents dumbness.

I'd like to say I've learnt my lesson and it will never happen again but Im distracted by a house move and naturally clumsy, I'll probably drive the whole car into it next time.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be most grateful. (Toyaota Corolla Verso 2008)

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Topic moved to Toyota Verso forum.

You could send Parts King a personal message to price up a new one (see Sponsors Corner on The Community page - Lindop Toyota (Parts King)).

Or try these: - Wolverhampton.

Contact details:

Mary Bentley
Church Road Motors(Bradmore) Ltd
49 Church Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom.

You could contact them and see whether you could pop down and try the fitting before purchase. Would give you matching headrests at the rear.

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Thanks for the help. Thats what Im doing tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed for a good fit.

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