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Toyota Corolla 1986 1.3 Dx - Parts

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Hello guys. I have an oldie Corolla that I still keep in great condition.

Here are some pics :)



- However, I can't find some parts.

I have lost one of the original wheel covers. I don't want to change them, a want to keep the original look. I can't seem to find this anywhere.

- Also, my rear wiper motor broke last winter, the pump and heaters work, but not the wiper. Where can I find a wiper motor that will work?

- I'm also having trouble with the cold starts. The engine just dies in winter if you don't add gas. Is this the problem with the carburetor or something else?

- Also, what's the point of the economy light in my dashboard, that always yellow? I'm talking this:


I would appreciate if someone knows where to find this parts. I live in Macedonia.

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Hi. I have parts for this model

Please call me 07866064435

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The cold start issue will be caused by the choke compensator, this is held on by three cross head screws attached to the side of the VV carb, it also has two small bore coolant pipes attached. It is a sealed unit and not a lot can be done to it if faulty.

The economy light is controlled by a vacuum sensor that is attached to the bulk head/firewall and connected by a small bore vac pipe to the inlet manifold. Check for splits or leaks as by default it will show orange if faulty. The econ light was only fitted to the E9*** range for the UK market

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