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Won't Start, No Sparks

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yesterday i drove to my school and everthing was fine when i parked, but when i was trying to start it after school it wouldent start. and it was quite low on coolant.

i checked the sparkplugs but no spark. however there is power in to the ignition coil. there is also resistans in the coil(0,7 on my multimeter between + and- input). the car have stopped earlier some days ago because it was low on coolant(and very hot), but started after a refil.

i have tried to short the circuit nr. 4 and 13 pin in the obd plug, and the abs light gave me the codes 34 and 38, which doesent make any sense(its a 1998 1.6l 4a-fe)

any ideas?

(sorry for my bad english, i'm norwegian) :)

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