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In Desprate Need Of Help

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Hi im new to the club and new to mr2's. so i have a few questions and this seems to be the place im told for answers.

to start with i have a mk2 rev1 with the 3s-ge engine. when i bought the car the car was running but needed some tlc. so i strip out the engine and completely rebuilt it. during the rebuild process i noticed i had lost a section of the wiring loom. that connects to the cold star injector and the cold start timer switch. what is weird is ,no other mr2 i have looked at has this part of the loom separate from the rest. the more i have looked into this, it is clear it has been customized for some reason or another. but after reading several wiring diagrams i am no better off working out how to remake the loom section i am missing.

the diagram i have


as you can see the main wires are green and red. that seem to be indicated to come straight from the loom and go through the switch and injector. then join back together.

the connection i have at the loom



as you can see the color of the wires are different to the diagram. i have one purple, then a yellow with a black strip and a black with a yellow strip. i have manged to trace the yellows/blacks to the connection ea3 . but the should mean the purple goes to the ecu. but it dose not i can not see to trace or find where it comes from.

i also have another connection in the engine bay but seems to have no where to go?



could this also be part of the loom im missing?

so can anyone help? i have attempted to make a loom, but with out know what is going where im struggling, and dont want to short or fry anything.

i also believe not having this part of the loom is having a knock on affect. as i have managed to get it running but run like a bag of s... , would not tick over and coughed and spluttered. it then died and even with my have a go loom. she will not even try and fire up. i have fuel and i have spark but just wont start.

been struggling with this now for over a week and gone over everything, over and over again. and it all boils down to the loss of this loom section.

please any help or ideas would be gratefully received.

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Your first topic was posted at 01.13am today in the MR2 club - the correct place.

Your second topic was posted at 09.02am today in General Discussions - not the ideal place to expect replies.

Your third post was in a General Discussions topic - not the best place to post.

Not many TOC members will be viewing the forums between the hours of 01.13am and 09.02am - sleep being one reason, and work being another.

So give people a reasonable amount of time in which to respond.

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