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Water Pump Replacement - Tsport

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Good evening all,

After a visual health check at a Toyota dealer today one of the observations was that the coolant level is low and that this is being caused by the water pump leaking. To have this replaced they've quoted me £535. I've found from a few online vendors that a water pump for a 2004 TSport Corolla is no more than £40. Now based on that I can only assume the rest is mainly labour charge (aside from replacement coolant) so does anyone know how long it would usually take to do and is the high charge because its abit of a sod to do or is it just another case of a main dealer taking the mick?



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Doesn't look too bad, see here page 218 (same engine)

I think the question is probably access to it and tools, if it were me I'd probably have a go myself if I thought I could get the bolts out.

It does say in the guide you don't need to get the alternator out, although I'm not sure if its placed slightly differently in the Celica. Not sure about the price though sorry.

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