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Celica Gti 91 Seriously Noisy Suspension / Steering - Urgent Advice Ne

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My lovely 91 GTi is not well and has developed some serious sounding creaky squeeky noises coming from suspension I think or wheel. It's even worse today and sounds like it's about to fall apart, so am reluctant to drive far.

Think struts are fine and steering seems OK so don't think it's the rack at least I hope not.

If I turn corners especially left but both sides seem to make loud squeeking especially on full lock. When car is sat still and I give it full lock I can't hear anything, so it's just when moving especially slow.

I had a mechanic out for 2 hours today checking and driving it. Now I have new brake pads and still the same noise. He said no play in wheel bearing and tie rod ends look and felt
OK. Didn't think it was ball joints or bushes or struts.He thought it may have been brake pad clips (small metal bits) I let him replace pads anyway since they would need doing soon. It's already cost me £150 in repairs and the noise is worse than ever. He thought it was a driving noise so didn't suspect suspension but I am still unsure.

There is no play in steering really and feels good still so I doubt if it would be anything to do with the rack as I would think you would notice a difference and tighter steering wouldn't you?

Power steering and fluid is fine, I know what sound that makes.

And it seems the first mechanic who supposedly replaced some linkage somewhere has ripped me off cos we couldn't find any new shiny parts today that had been replaced. I'll deal with him later!

It's more like an old creaking kind of noise than a squeek. It's definately not the PS belt as it's not that kind of noise.
Wheel bearings tend to squeel more and there's no vibration at all or
loud noise from a bearing (I've had these go on a different Celica). To me, it sounds more like struts would but there is no difference in feel if going over bumps, holes etc..I usually notice when struts have gone as you feel the road more. It's quite creaky when coming to stop but dosn't creak any more when applying brakes. I do hope after all the money spend so far that it wasn't just bushes!!

Would like help if anyone has evern had this issue. Need it fixed this week.

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