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Iq Stereo / Speaker Issue

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Just a quick one. I tried searching for an answer but it's quite hard to explain.....

I've got a 2010 IQ2. When listening to the standard radio, the Speakers work no problem.

When listening to music via bluetooth, some songs seem to 'split' the music between Speakers - ie - one side of the car plays drums and the other plays guitars.

On certain songs, I can only hear the drums, not the guitars. But the Speakers then work fine when listening to the radio.

I'm guessing this is an issue with the song itself rather than the speaker system, unless anyone has any ideas how to rectify this?


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As Taz said, sounds more like an issue with the bluetooth unit itself. I ad this probably but with a AUX input on a older car years ago, turned out it was the music itself was recorded poorly and the AUX wire didn't connect/insert properly into the device.

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