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Upgrading Audio

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Hey everyone,

I recently got an Aygo an overall I'm very pleased with it, except for the stock Speakers. I have the 2 extra stock ones in the back but frankly all 4 of them sound horrible.

Now I'm planning to upgrade the audio system on a budget, I just want it to be good, not perfect.

I'm thinking of something like: swapping the 4 standard Speakers for better, possibly 3-way Speakers.

Also I might want a simple compact subwoofer under my chair.

My questions are, Will I need to upgrade the stock radio? Or will the stock one do fine with upgraded aftermarket Speakers? How much power can it handle per channel? And how many channels does it have? Can I even fit 4 Speakers plus a subwoofer on the stock radio or will I need a radio with more channels? Also will I need to get an amp?

By no means do I intend to blow the windows out but I'd love to get some better quality audio at higher volumes and overall higher volume accesibility.

I hope you guys can anwser a few of my questions and maybe point out some possible buying options for 4 inch Speakers etc etc.

Thanks in advance!

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