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High Mileage Iq

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Thanks guys....

I think there aren't too many then with big mileages.

Aaron, I still think its interesting to see what mileages they can do, although I agree with your point that a mile can be very different dependent upon the driver.

If someone had posted saying they knew of, or owned an IQ2 auto, that had worked hard for 4 years and had just topped 160k miles with just routine maintenance, and gearbox still in fine fettle, then that would give a good indication that they are tough little cars and likely to be very long lasting.

Mine only has 7k on the clock in 10 mths, so it's gonna be 20 years before I find this out for myself!!

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Mine has done less than 38,000 however I have seen a few IQ's advertised for sale on Auto Trader with about 70,000 plus miles on them

I plan to keep my IQ for as long as possible so I will find out eventualy ! however I only do 5000 miles per year so it will take a while !

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Yeah that sounds a bit cheap for an 11 plate ....around 25k a year mileage too which is pretty strong going. Maybe it's a bit beat up, and blowing Oil past the rings, hence the cheap price, and inadvertently answering my question on longevity?

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