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Sw20 Recomissioning Info Required

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Well the time has now come to put my Mk 2 Rev 2, chassis no. 074843 if someone on here compiles a list, back on the road. It was laid up over 10 years ago, with less than 60k on the clock, garaged, and under a multitude of quilts and car covers. It has survived various house moves, financial hardship where the cash would of been a great help, relationship breakdowns and the inevitable arrival of kids.

I'm hoping someone on here could give me a few pointers on where I can get hold of spares as and when I need them, the Cornish sea air has taken its toll on some of the running gear, brakes, suspension parts, roll bars etc although its mainly surface stuff I'm sure that there are bits and pieces that will need replacing. Fortunately the body is solid.

I'd sooner use someone recommended from here rather than chance my hand on e-bay etc.

Also is there anywhere a workshop manual of some kind is available ??

I've never dabbled in car repairs up until now even though I've been a HGV/PSV Technician for over 30 years, I've always found cars too small !!!!

So any info would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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