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St182 Power Steering Cooler / Pipes

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Hi All! I need you guys and geels!!!

I'm just putting my '93 GT back on the road after a couple of years of 'adjusted priority' and it's been going great - nearly got it to the point of MOT - when the power steering started this real 'old boy' groaning. Sprung a leak in the cooler piping which is all now rather corroded.

Time to replace but having scouted round a bit, no sign of the required jewel round here (Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Coventry).

Where do we club members go for such a piece of kit?

Is it possible to make something?

I've seen a couple of so-called 'universal' jobbies advertised but does the ST182 exist in their universe?

Any pointers in a suitably economic direction would be, well frankly, at this stage, enamoured!

Best to yas


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