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Avensis D4D 2.0 2005 Intermittent P0380 Fault.

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Can anyone advise on anything else I could try with the following P0380 Engine Light intermittent fault.

The car starts with no problems and runs fine but intermittently when the temp is on about a 1/4 and when sitting in traffic the eml light comes on, I clear the light with a code reader and start again, it does not happen all the time it seams to be only when sitting in traffic before it has reached full temperature.

I have tried the following:-

New Glow Plugs NGK ( I have also had these checked when they did not clear the fault)

Glow Plug Relay from a different Avensis with same part number on relay.

Glow Plug Bar cleaned and checked.

Wiring Loom and Earth's checked.

EGR valve removed and cleaned.

BG 244 Run through system and full service.

Engine Management Temp Sensor Changed.

The only thing I have not tried is a Ecu upgrade due to the fact Mr T wants to redo all of the above 1st and is talking about a bill that will be approx £1000.

If anyone could suggest anything I could try as I am hoping it is something obvious I have missed or I will just have to keep turning the light off.

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