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T-Sport Engine Vibration Through Cabin And Pedals.

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Just after some advice on the above problem from people who have experienced this and if there is a common or known issue with this on Corolla T-sports.

The engine seems to transmit a high frequency type vibration or buzzing through the cabin and more noticeably through the pedals (clutch).

It seems quite smooth at idle, but then as the engine gets to about 4k revs and above is more noticeable.

To me it kind of feels like as if it has solid engine mounts; though the bigger frequencies like at idle dont transmit as bad.

I have visually checked all the mounts; there is four of them, one of them a hydralic/fluid type and they seem ok. No leaks or cracks, brittle rubber etc.

I have checked the pulleys and all seem to be running concentric.

So I could do with any advice really off someone who has experienced this or knows of any issues with this car that cause these symptons?


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