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59 Plate Verso T Spirit D4D 2.0 How Do I Change The Diesel Filter Plea

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Hi everybody, I would like to change the diesel filter on my verso 59 plate D-4D 2.0 and would appreciate any help and advice. First of all I am reasonably OK on the simple maintainance of engines i.e. changing oils and filters but have not done a diesel filter on this car yet

Does the work require any specialist equipment or resetting of the ecu afterwards ?.

Secondly, as I can't seem to find a workshop manual for this model yet can any one talk me through the procedue ?.

Thirdly, is it a garage job that should not be attempted DIY ?

Thanks for any help that I may get from all of you, and once again thanks to Toyota Owners Club.

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Take search on the forum as there are guides on how to change fuel filters. Forum Mod Anchorman(Don) I think did a very good one with pics!It was done for a Rav but would guess it might me similar

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Thanks for the reply Taff. I've had a look at anchormans guide and found it great they say "a picture speaks a thousand words " and thats certainly true when you are telling some one how to do something so thanks again for pointing me in the right direction, and thanks to Anchorman for taking the time to post a great Guide.

I just want to check that its the same filter unit thats fitted to my verso to make sure I don't come across any unforseen snags. Its not fitted in the same place in the engine bay but just looking at it I think it looks to be the same unit so should be no big problem to fit it. Anyway thanks again Taff for taking the trouble to reply.

If anyone knows if the unit is the same on my verso I would be very thankful to hear from you.

I will monitor this query so please reply.

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