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Yaris Mk1 5Dr, Door Panel?

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hey peeps,

few days back my drivers side electric window stopped working :( i knew it was going to die as the windows started to slow up going up n down and now its totally dead.

i figured the motor/window regulator needs changing and have got 1 from scrap yard

any ideas how to install it/remove the door panel? dont wanna end up breaking the door panel because itll be another headache.

any pics/vids or tips would be very much appreciated.

thanx in advance

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Done mine yesterday

  • Remove 3 push fit plugs from around panel ( look like they have crosshead screws)
  • Remove screw from base of handle recess and screw beside door handle.
  • Remove the small triangular plate that covers the inside of the door mirror.( just pull off.
  • When all the fixiings removed pull on the bottom of ther door panel and this will release off the plastic pins , carefully work around the bottom and sides of panels until free .
  • Lift off the door panel over the door lock button .
  • 1 multiplug to remove from the base of the eletric window switch The panel is now free

didnt have to change the motor on mine as it was a broken bracket


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