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Sloshing Sound From Behind Dash After Rain

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Hi on my 09 Auris i have started to notice that when it has rained and the car has been sitting when i drive off a faint liquid sloshing sound can be heard behind the dash this only lasts for a few seconds have only heard it in wet weather, bought the car in the summer so this is the first time its really been wet i have checked these things:

The drain holes appear to run away ok (poured water into the drain area under the bonnet near the wipers)

No loss or low level of coolant

No water in footwells inside the car (yet!)

Aircon working ok

The aircon is not used a huge amount but the only thing i have read about is the AC Drain pipe may be blocked does anybody now where this is located, or is this slight sloshing sound just water which has settled in the engine drain bay and finding its way out as i said earlier its only for a few seconds and not noticed until all the rain lately.

Thanks for any help

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Mine, 2007, with a sunroof also does this.

I've always just assumed it's water working it's way down/around/out of a drain hole or something similar. No leaks or anything so I've never been worried.

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