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I have a new Icon 2.0 D4D 13 Plate, i have had it 2 months now (from new) and i have started to notice some odd noise's

1. as i change gear i get a deep throaty noise (not all the time) more so when i change at higher revs??? it sound good...lol like a sports car... but not sure if its meant to be there ??? sounds like the exhaust to me ???

2. also from 30mph onwards i get what i can only describe as a contant mid to high pitch whine! sound similar to a child learning to whistle but without the whistle ? i thought at first it was the tyre/road noise but as the noise stay the same as my speed increase's and dos'nt change on the different road surface's, im now not sure what it is ??? any similar experiences ??

3. also very poor pull away power in first gear, i have owned 3 verso's now my last a 59 plate and belive me the torque in 1st gear on the new Verso is severly lacking !!

I hav'nt been back to the dearler yet as wanted to see if anyone else has had the same things???

any advice welcolme !

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