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What Happened?

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Suppose (Rav) it is really, but it was Rav4 people having (Rav) a "general discussion"!!

Dave (Rav)

Ps Rav

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Strange when the last word in the last post was R A V

Sorry about the spaces between r a v but my tablet changes tab to TAB (r a v to tab)


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I wish the topic moving police would butt out.

Thanks whoever you are as none of the RAV members for whom it was posted will bother with it any more.

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The whole point or job of a moderator as I see it is to encourage conversion and get us members posting ... Well and stop us scrapping as well....

To keep moving posts is just going against this... If a topic is deemed so interesting then why cant this moderator simply copy it and display elsewhere and just leave the original alone ?

Just my 2Ps worth..............

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Probably an enviromentalist - power mad, likes telling everyone else what to do. A bit like those "local speed check" wierdos who sign up with Plod to play traffic cop with hair-driers & send nannying letters to anyone 1 mph over the limit.

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