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It's Much Quieter Now.....d4D Bonnet "scoop"

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Messing about with the bonnet up this afternoon and (although heaven knows what made me waggle it) that the air intake scoop thingy on my 4.2 D4D was loose. It seems that over the years the plastic fasteners that hold it to the underside of the bonnet have relaxed and there was quite a bit of movement.

When I started it up with the bonnet closed I found that there was quite a noise as it vibrated which went away when I rested my hand on it.

Of course the fasteners snapped when I took it off to investigate so I have used cable ties to secure it.

Quick spin round the block and the car is much quieter so it must have been making a racket for some time. Simple fix and a great result. Just thought it might be worth a post in case it helps somebody else.

I will celebrate with beer later!

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More of the truly lamentable Toyota plastic fasteners! Had the same problem with mine several years ago. Simply and permanently fixed by securing with a couple of pop-rivets (from the underside).

Hope the beer was good, Andy!


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