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Speedo Issue

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Hi all.

I have an issue with my speedo needle raising hesitantly on my 2004 Corolla 1.4VVTi.

At lower speeds, as you accelerate gently, the needle jerks, a bit like a cable operated drive where the cable is catching.

I've had a look under the bonnet, but can find no sign of a cable. I now think it could be a drive sensor (if the speedo is electronic), or the speedo head itself.

At higher speeds, there isn't an issue, which makes me think it's possibly the drive sensor.

Can anyone advise please?


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As far as I know its an electronic sensor that feeds the control units and the actual speedo dial.

Don't know where the sensor actually is but some posts for other toyotas suggest its located around the gearbox area.

Could be a just a loose or faulty sensor or some wiring connectors...

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Cheers Oldcodger.

I had a look in the Haynes manual last night. Might as well have looked at tea leaves in the bottom of a cup for all it was worth.

The manual only shows how to remove the clock cluster, naff all else. It doesn't even tell you where the speed information comes from.

I'll have to have a good rummage around the gearbox area and check for dirty connections.

My only fear is if the ECU may be involved, as I can get a speed reading on my fault scanner whilst connected to the OBDII port.

Oh well, out with the torch and an umbrella.

Thanks again Oldcodger.


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Yes the Haynes manual is where I was looking too.

However if you download this service manual as a general guide it does show a bit more.

Section 71-2 gives a test meter checking location.

Section 41-18 shows the speed sensor plug on the gearbox, But it says ' w/o ABS' to I would assume that means our standard ABS models don't have one on the gearbox and it must use the abs sensor/s instead.....?

Perhaps you will find more in this manual than the quick look I did.


Yikes ! just noticed I have become a Guru member :blush:

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Thanks V much for that GURU OC!

It makes sense to use an ABS sensor to detect wheel rotational speed (never liked the idea of it being driven by the gearbox).

The manual (NON Haynes) looks to be very helpful. I shall give it a good perusal to see where I will start looking next.

Thanks again OC and congrats on the promotion!


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HAH! Found mention of the speed sensor in the Haynes manual!

Nothing on removal and dis-assembly of the transmission (except disconnect all wiring connectors) - BUT, on re-assembly (page 7A.4 - paragraph 31) states

"Make sure that the wiring harness connectors for the reversing light switch and the speed sensor, and any other electrical devices, are plugged in".

It shows a picture of the sensor on the Automatic transmission, but not the Manual transmission.

All I have to do now is locate it on the gearbox and check the connection.

Thanks for your help OC.

All the best.


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