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Radio Screen Gone Black 2007 Avensis T3-X

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Hi Guys,

First time Toyota owner and poster on the forums!

We have recently bought a 2007 Avensis Estate T3-X. It has the standard W58831 Radio/CD in it, non sat nav unit.

When we got in it this afternoon the radio screen has gone blank, the whole screen has gone completely black as if all the pixels are active, the station name or track briefly flashes up when the unit is powered on but then reverts back to being all black.

Is this likely to be a display or cable problem, I guess if the screen briefly displays the correct info then goes blank it is more likely to be a screen than a cable? If so are either of these components that could be replaced or is it likely to need a new unit or a unit repair?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Hi Tom

Welcome to the forum

You have the same radio/cd unit that I had in my 2007 T3X hatchback, and the exact same thing happened to mine.

I took it to MR T and their tech guys removed it and had a look at it , and said it could be repaired by a local electronics company who looked after all that sort of repairs as and when nesc.,so off it went.

3 wks later the repair company said there was no repair possible and the screen must be replaced.

Idid consider fitting an aftermarket unit but decided in the end to have it repaired.

It took about 6 wks to get it back but since then it has performed brilliantly ( at least it did until I changed the car for a RAV 4 4wks ago)

Hope this info helps you and you get sorted with minimun expense

Regards Terry

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