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Electric Problem Toyota Corolla Verso

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Hi there

I have a toyota corollo verso and I have a electric problem.

The electric problems are

When the doors are open the inner light goes on - no light is going on

When I swits the innerlight, - it doesn't go on

When I leave the head light on and I leave the car there is noise - I don't here a nois but the light is still on

The digital clock reset itself.

How do I solve this.

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Problem solved,

l have found the problem. In the fuse box driver side is a trip computer integrated systems (computers, Mutiplex Network Body) and there is a resistance 100Mohm defect. I have replaced him.

I have some pictures




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I got a short circuit to the indoor lighting, So I needed a new circuit board for the interior lighting. The wiring was oke only the plug was meleted. After repclacing the board and the plug

works everythings fine except the light after opening the door.

Because I assumed that the wiring and the the plug was oke the only possibilities was the board.

After disassembly, I have measured the Board at work by a colleague and he give me the diagnose.

We have not repaired the board because we did not have the proper tools.

So I bought a used one at the same person where I bought the circuit board. Pluged in and tested


Best regards
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