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Door Locks.

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Hi to all,

My daughter has a Yaris and she has just discovered today that the offside rear door will not open, I have had a listen to the central locking operate inside the door and all seems well, but it will not open from inside or outside.

All the other doors are opening and locking just as they should, I have removed the inside handle so that I could work the cables but it still will not open and with the door shut it is a tough job to try and get the inside door trim off.

It looks tlike I will have to remove the rear seat on that side to try and get the door trim off to se what has gone wrong.


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Hi Doug,

I have the same issue but with the drivers rear door not unlocking.

Does your daughter have the conventional key, or the keyless entry fob? (Mines keyless)

Sorry I couldn't be of help, Atleast we know there is another Yaris with the same issue!

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We had this problem with our 06 plate T Spirit. With ours the door was not unlocking when the central locking was operated due to the door lock actuator failing.

I did manage to get the door panel off by "carefully" prising back the panel from the bottom n/s corner up. Once its off you can manually unlock the door after you have let the cables go

The only solution was a new lock assembly (via Parts King), about £130 if I remember. In the meantime I left the panel off and used the door lock manually. I was a bit baffled as to why this had failed - a closer look revealed that the rocker switch by the door handle was fouling the plastic (and probably had since new) which was possibly causing the door lock actuator to have to work harder to overcome the resistance. I filed back the rocker switch a bit and also the aperture

Hope this helps

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Well hi to both you guy's,

I don't feel so alone now but I have had this same problem while working with Renault but aways managed to get the trim off, in the case of this Yaris I think I will have to remove the rear seat from that side to gain enough room to get at the bottom of the trim.

The key is working the central locking inside the door because I can hear it, my money is on it being a machanical problem or the child lock.


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