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Toyota Celica St185 Gt-Four Running Gear. In A Mini...

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We were probably drunk.

I really can't remember how it all started but that's normally the starting point for projects like this.

After conceiving of the idea, my mate Nik was told by numerous people that 'It can't be done.' And that's the worst thing you can say to him - it only hardened his resolve. So before embarking on the project, we decided that it's so insane, we should film it. So we have.

We're taking the full engine, gearbox and running gear from a ST185 Toyota Celica GT4 and transplanting it into the Mini. There are obviously one or two little problems to overcome, but that'll be part of the fun.

There will be a few surprises on the engine side a bit later on, but for now we're concentrating on getting the Mini to a state where the transplant can start.

I have no idea how frequent the updates will be, we both work full time and it's a weekend thing only so it may take some time, but we're hoping to produce one of the fastest Mini's on the planet using the bullet proof Toyota running gear

If you fancy taking a look at our progress, have a butchers at this:

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Started watching the video .... Looks like it will be a laugh :)

Will be watching them all the way through a bit later for sure :D

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