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1991 Carina 2 Car Radio

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Hello everyone,

Sorry if im maybe posting this in the wrong place but I thought someone here may be able to help.

My dad has a 1991 Toyota carina 2 and the radio has gone kaput. Im looking at getting him a new car radio for christmas but im worried new radios won't fit the car.

Will I need a wire adapter or frontplate adapter? Is it that standard new radios dont tend to fit this model of car?

Thanks for any advice!


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That takes me back. My dad had a Carina II (on an F plate) and that had an Alpine ? (from memory) stereo as factory fit. I got a G reg Carina II and that had a Toyota branded unit that was actually made by Panasonic. And I replaced that at the time with... a better Panasonic :) and it was quite easy from what I remember. But its all a long time ago... and being an electronics tech helped too :)

I think the best advice would be to seek the advice of a car audio dealer and ask what is available as a replacement. If you are unable to identify the wiring yourself (which is straightforward with a multimeter) then you either need either someone to install a replacement for you, or one with guaranteed connectors that will fit. There was no problem with the size at the time, I think it was a standard DIN size back then... as were they all.

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