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Any Common Faults Prius


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just traded my 2.0 vvti auto t-spirit avensis for a 59 plate prius t-spirit with 16,000 miles on the clock from mr toyota.Does anyone know of any common faults with the prius or is there anything i need to be keeping a close eye on.

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Low mileage? The 12V Battery.

Rusty brake discs through lack of use??

Recall related to the software in the ECU concerning the brake "feel" if it was an early Gen 3 (i.e. 1.8L engine).

Dash rattles - some cars are apparently more prone than others.

Edit: I am assuming Gen 3 although I think a few Gen 2s were sold that year!

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Only fault I have had with my 2011 Prius T Spirit was cold start knocking. Dealer changed the inlet manifold under warranty no problems with that since. The Prius is very reliable there is nothing major you have to watch out for. The 12v Battery is easily discharged if you leave an internal light on. Always ensure vanity mirror lights are off and the boot and doors are fully closed. I keep the boot light and all other lights in the off position unless needed. Be aware there is not so much ground clearance on the Prius compared to the Avensis. Happy motoring.

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Make sure ALL the recalls are upto date. There are about 3 of them I think. Most to do with the brake pedal 'feel' and I had one on the brade compressor.

The 12v is a weak spot on all hybrids - it small as it doesn't need to crank the engine but because of that any failings are not noticed until it is too weak to boot the computers that actually start the engine. They're about £100 fitted at a main dealers and probably a good peace of mind investment with your new car. It is said they generally last about 4-5 years or 80,000 miles. Obviously some do more, some less.

Make sure your car has 0w20 oil in it (or you put it in asap once you get the car). If you can't get an average over 60 mpg for a 20 mile run on the flat, then you probably haven't. Many fleet cars used the much cheaper but less economical 5w30 oil (which is a requirement for the gen2). With the 0w20 you should achieve well over 70 mpg on a steady 50 mph on the flat.

The T-Spirit doesn't have the steering motor issues that the lower spec t3 has.

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