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Defective Hilux 2012 In Mauritius

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Hello everybody,

I have a Hilux almost new bought in DC 12 from the dealer supplying Hilux from South Africa. Apart from other defects there is one which is very dangerous where human life is at risk. This defect could have provoked fatal accident which I myself went through. In fact it is an intermittent fault which anytime while turning the steering wheel, 1 front tyre squeak at any speed. The more steering is done like a round about, rubber smell and the vehicle zigzags where it no more obeys trajectory that I wanted. I missed my lane and entered the opposite lane. Thanks God there was no vehilce in opposite lane. Since the fault is on and off, in simple test drives the devilish fault wont source out. May be after several hundred or thousand is required. I have complained to theToyota Mauritius and almost 1 month elapsed, they have not yet responded to my request to take back this defective vehicle and either give me a new one or refund amount paid. This is the worst experience someone can be through: first traumatized with a mad and defective vehicle and secondly the dealer is sitting comfortable in office while customer is being penalized.

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