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Problem With Key Fob Unlocking Car - Remote Unlock Problems

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Problem with Key Fob unlocking car - remote unlock problems

has a 2008 Toyota Solara (USA). All of a sudden both her key fobs
(remotes) would not lock or unlock doors. Trunk remote button does
indeed work. I read every instruction I could find on Internet to
reprogram the Key Fobs. Tried at least 15 times on each. Got
confirmation lock via the instructions as well.

I am at now is that either key fob WILL lock the car door BUT WILL NOT
UNLOCK the car door. Tried again and again with same result or worse.

So close...

Not sure what to do next.

Of course the inside door lock / unlock button does work.

Any advice to get Key Fob to allow an unlock is much appreciated without going to dealer.

Else I guess we could buy a no name key fob and try that but doubt that will solve the issue.

Thank you


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