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Alarm System For 98'reg Corolla


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Hi, I have a 98' reg 1.3 Corolla & I'm having problems with my car alarm...(it's currently 3am & I'm searching the internet for help!) it keeps going off for what seems like no reason at all I have just had a recovery unit out but the guy hadn't a clue how to turn it off & just disconnected my Battery. Problem is I need to use the car to take my kids to school so obviously need the Battery but until I can get the alarm sorted I need it to not be connected so it stops going off at 1 am....& 1.20am & 2 am (you get the point!) any ideas on how I disconnect the alarm wiring? My hubby & I have searched through the manual & of course it doesn't tell me how to do this!! Anyone had similar problems or know a way I can disconnect the alarm wiring & still be able to lock my car withy key? Any help would be greatly appreciated (by me & my neighbours!!) thanks! 😁

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I don't know how to disconnect the alarm. Just to give you some peace but secure it try the following:

1. Press unlock on the alarm fob,

2. open the door to break the circuit (so it doesn't re arm the alarm after 30 or 60 seconds),

3. lock it back using the key and

4. Check doors are locked

**there's a small part at the rear of the engine bay that sits vertically and comes into contact with the under side of the bonnet. The top of it looks like the rubber covered button in your door jams for the interior light. If that's damaged/twisted or moved the alarm reads it as bonnets opened illegally.


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