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Condensation Visable In Front Headlamps And Backlights

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Hi all

Just bought a 61 plate Verso S and have noticed the other day after washing my car, there was some condensation inside the Front Headlights as well as Rear Lights.

Has anyone experienced similar problem? I have researched this and it seem a common problem with some Toyota models.

Can everyone confirm if they are aware of this?

Could anyone confirm the Warranty period I have left on the vehicle? My Verso is two years old, am I right to say that they all now come with 5 Year Warranty??

I have booked my car for Recall Notice (Power Steering module replacement). As well as that, I have mentioned this to the Service Department regards the Condensation problem.

The chap from Toyota Service Dept, confirms that Toyota are aware of the problem, but may only replace the headlights if there is visible water inside the headlights. He also said about running the car lights ON for 30 minutes and if it evaporates, then they isn't much they can do.

Am i getting fobbed off? Seems like it.

Any further thoughts from you guys or any assistant would be appreciated.



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Condensation indicates that your headlight assembly does not have an airtight seal.

Dry out the headlamp assembly then you can fix this by applying silicone sealant around the seams on the assembly, replacing any rubber gaskets on the unit or replacing the entire assembly with a new one.

I put a thin smear of Vaseline around the gaskets which not only made them water tight but made them easier to refit.

My drivers side used to fog up till I did this and now it's fine.

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Your dealer is correct, they will only replace the lamp if it has pooled water. Mild condensation that goes away when the headlamps are on for a short while is not covered under warranty

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Condensation is pretty normal at this time of year where we have sudden swings in temperature, it is exaggerated when people wash their cars with nice warm water. The inside of the lamp is cold you warm it with your washing water and moisture condensates inside the lamp, a Toyota will only replace a lamp if it shows heavy and persistent condensation, confirmed by turning the lamps on and waiting for at least half an hour, if the condensation clears it is normal and within spec if the condensation persists or water is collecting/pooling in the lamp then it is water ingress and a fault. You will also notice that condensation can form when the lamps have been warmed by use or sunlight warming them once they start to cool again.

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