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It Doesn't Go Into Gear (Auris '11 1.6 Valvematic)

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Few times per week, when I try to put into the first gear or reverse (even with second gear, which has the synchronization mechanism, happened a few times), it just doesn't want to go in. It's like hitting a wall (but without noise, there is no that well known terrible sound).
When I release the clutch or switch to some other gear and then try again, it works. In the licensed workshop, they insure me that everything is OK, but I had never experienced anything similar with any other car (Opel Astra, Reno Scenic, Toyota Aygo,...). It just doesn't make sence that someone built something like that and finds it good.
Could anyone help me with this topic, give me some advice? Did anyone have similar experience or knows what is wrong with my car?

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