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Hb4 (9006) Headlight Bulbs Instead Of Specified Hir2 (9012)

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I hope it wasn't a 80W HB4 like those available on Ebay / Amazon for £4.95 or from China.

The best in class "high performance" halogens, as per AutoExpress.

I can't say for sure which one is better until I have compared the "standard" HIR2 with a "high performance" HB4 - for myself. I have high performance H4 halogen on my Prius that I am happy with, and if the standard HIR2 offers the same result, then nothing needed! If not, I know what to use.

HIR2 bashing wasn't the objective of this topic, so apologies if it is coming out that way! :flowers:

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Just in case anyone is wondering what the Toyota light bulb kit looks like I picked mine up today.

You get one Philips HIR2 headlight bulb, a side light bulb, an indicator bulb, one 21 / 5W brake and rear bulb and a 21W reverse or rear fog light bulb. Should be all you need.

It was £30.14 but my friendly dealer gave me a 10% discount as a good customer so it came to £27ish. :)





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Hi all

Just a word of caution on lamp upgrading. Using standard lamps = 4.58 Amps per bulb, whereas the 80w bulb is going to pull 6.66 Amps per bulb. Based on 12v. You don't know what the maximum rating of the control circuit is capable of and could land yourself with a big bill. Also you don't know how close the inside of the headlight enclosure is to the bulb and increasing the heat output could cause damage to the housing


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I think the kit is a good price when you consider the price of one HIR2 bulb on the internet.

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I also ask my local retailer for the price of a HIR2 lamp, but it was much more expansive than 30.14 GBP.

Therefore I ordered on the internet on following website.


There I got two Philips Longlife lamps including shipping. For this price I normally get one lamp at the local retailer.....


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I had another headlight blow last week so put my spare in out of my Toyota kit. I went to my local Andrew Page (Motor-factors) who are an Osram official distributor. Funnily enough the HIR2 didn't come up on there system, infact searching 'HIR2' on the Osram wesite comes up with nothing, but if you use the 'Bulb Finder' by inputting your car details it does come up with the correct headlight bulb. Anyway the only bulb they could source for me today was an HIR2 made by RING, I wasn't aware that they were now making this bulb.


Price was £25 inc VAT. I decided not to get another Toyota bulb kit as I have two now and only ever used the headlight bulb out of them.

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One member on the Auris club fitted upgrade 9006 bulbs in place of the HIR2's - he modified the tabs on the bulbs so they would fit the headlight. However he since returned to the HIR2 bulbs and then moved to HID.

Don't force the 9006 bulbs into the headlight fitting.

As regards the HIR2 bulbs, they're approx 75-80% brighter than standard halogen, so an upgrade halogen bulb such as the Osram Nightbreaker Plus 110%, should be about 30-35% brighter.

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