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Confused Over Pms

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I have over the last couple of weeks had Email notifications telling me this or that member has replied to or started a personal conversation..

Today's one was apparently from Paul (Voyager T180)

When I open up my PM folder there is nothing there ?

Had this a few days ago as well from two other members with the same result. No Pm in the folder..

Is it just me ?

Dont want anyone thinking I am ignoring them !

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Thought ye had pre menstrual stress there, Charlie..........it happens periodically.....


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Is your inbox full? Bear in mind too that paying members get a bigger PM inbox/ service

than non paying members.

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I have been into my PM folder again.. Checked the amount of messages allowed which is 100.. 49 of these were used so decided to clear some of the older ones..

While doing so I found Pauls PM Dated Sent Yesterday, 08:39 PM

So I have now replied to it.. Paul you have a PM.....

I always reply to PMs as quickly as I can. I get endless ones asking about detailing and the engine issues..

I always reply and am happy to do so of course so anyone sending one please bear in mind I'm having problems seeing some of them..

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100 ? That is total pants, if you are a club supporter (which costs very little) you get 10000. WTF ?

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