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Uk Government Scraps The Paper Car Tax Disc


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Almost a century after its introduction, the UK government is set to scrap the paper car disc and go all in with its electronic register.

According to the BBC, its death was confirmed by the UK Treasury ahead of Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement later today, meaning motorists will no longer need fix a disc in their car window to prove they've taxed their car.

"This is a visual symbol of how we are moving government into the modern age," says the UK government, which will also announce that vehicle owners can pay for their duty by monthly direct debit, adding 5 percent to the overall cost.

From October 2014, authorities will identify whether tax has been paid through a car's license plate, allowing it to recoup £7 million in admin costs and save UK drivers the hassle of waiting for that little paper disc to come through the post.

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Wait, so we don't get any physical proof that we've paid for our car tax now!? :eek:

They're going to have to make number-plates harder to clone if they are going to put so much dependence on it... :unsure: The number-plate cloning that goes on with the congestion charge zones is bad enough!

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Presumably, as now, when you buy car tax via the DVLA website, you will receive a receipt. There is also going to be the option of paying for the car tax by monthly direct debit - so in Raistlin's case it will cost him £1.75 per month

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Changes to the application system for car tax means that, from Monday 23rd December, one doesn't need to present a certificate of insurance when taxing a car at the Post Office. There are also changes to the way uninsured vehicles are dealt with.


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